Automatic Payment of CUB Utility Bill

By having your Clinton Utilities Board utility bill automatically drafted from your bank or credit union checking account, you can:
  • Save time and effort in bill paying
  • Save money on postage, gas, and check charges
  • Avoid worrying over misplaced bills and penalties
   Some questions you may have...
(1.) "Will I still receive a utility bill?"
Yes. Your bill will still look the same. The only difference will be a note saying, DRAFT DRAWN ON DUE DATE.
(2.) "When will my payment be drafted from my account?"
Your payment will be drafted on or near your net due date.
(3.) "How do I get on the Automatic Payment Plan?"
Simply fill out the Authorization Agreement below and return it to CUB with a voided check or a deposit slip.
(4.) "If I should move, will my new bill be set up for Automatic Payment?"
No, not unless you tell us. We will gladly set you up once we receive notification.
(5.) "If I have further questions, who should I call?"
Call us at (865)457-9232 and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

(Please cut along the line below and return this portion to CUB)

Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments
I (we) hereby authorize Clinton Utilities Board to debit entries to my (our) bank account indicated below and the bank named below, hereinafter called BANK, to debit the same to such account.
Clinton Utilities Board
P.O. Box 296
Clinton, TN 37717
Phone: 457-9232
Bank: _______________________________________________________________
City:________________________ State:____________ Zip:___________________
Bank Account Number: _________________________________________________
<<<<<<<<<< Please Attach Sample Check >>>>>>>>>>

This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Clinton Utilities Board has received written notification from me (or either of us) of its termination in such time and manner as to afford Clinton Utilities Board and BANK a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

Home Telephone #: ____________________________________________________
Customer Name: ____________________________________________________
CUB Account #: ____________________________________________________
Signature & Date: ____________________________________________________
Signature & Date: ____________________________________________________
(If joint bank account, both depositors should sign.)