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Make a difference.  Buy Green Power.

What is Green Switch?
Green Switch gives you the option to buy "blocks" of power generated from three renewable resources - the sun, wind  and methane gas.  The generation of this clean energy is much less harmful to the environment than traditional methods of producing electricity.

How does it work?
Residential - Each block costs just $2 extra on your regular monthly utility bill.  One block represents 200 kilowatt-hours - or about 16% of an average home's monthly electric usage.  You can buy as many blocks as you want, and every block you buy introduces more clean energy into TVA's overall power grid.

Commercial - Businesses are encouraged to participate in this effort to improve our environment by purchasing blocks of green power based on their monthly usage.  Call our Customer Service Department for more details.

How does green power help the environment?
The environmental impact of buying 2 blocks of clean energy ($4 per month) for a year is equal to:
  * Recycling 480 pounds of aluminum (15,322 cans)
  * Recycling 1,766 pounds of newspaper

Visit TVA's website,, for more information about green power.

View the Product Content Label for the electricity fuel mix delivered to participating customers.

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 Print this form and bring it to our office or mail it with your bill payment to start buying green power.

Residential Application:   
   __  200 kilowatt-hours ($2)      __  600 kilowatt-hours ($6)     __ 1000 kilowatt-hours ($10)
   __  400 kilowatt-hours ($4)      __  800 kilowatt-hours ($8)      __  Other ____________
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